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                                  ANDALUSIA OUR COMMUNITY
                                            Happy Andalusian Day

We celebrate Andalusian Day in February 28th.
Andalusia is the second largest Autonomous Community of Spain.

Andalusia is in the South of Spain and it is divides into eight provinces which you can see in the map. It borders to the West of Portugal, to the South of the Atlantic Ocean, Streat of Gibraltar and Mediterranean Sea, to the East of  Murcia Community and to the North of Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura.
                        CLIMATE AND GEOGRAPHY
The climate is warm and dry all year long with short winters and long summers, because of that there is not too much vegetation.
There are also a great variety of beautiful places and landscapes.
The Penibetica Chain is in The South-East of Andalusia, you can find Sierra Nevada there. The Mulhacen is in Sierra Nevada and it is the highest peak in the Iberian Peninsula(3.478 m).

Natural Park of Sierra Nevada

Andalusia has around 800 thousands kilometres os coastlines. There are sandy and gold beachs and also clifs. Down you can see:
 La Herradura(Granada) 

Ruins of Santiponce(Sevilla)

Andalusia is very old.
Many other people lived here before us: The Iberians, The Phoenicians, The Greeks, The Tartessos, Romans, The Moors

The Iberian Peninsula photo in the Phoenicians time. These are the names of people who lived.
In the rectangle key you can see the part that each group occupied.

    Thanks to them we have a great culture and lots of monuments such as:    

Puerta Tierra (Cádiz)
Patio de los Leones (Granada)

Roman Mosaic (Huelva)





Cordoba Mosque
Seville Cathedral
Jaen Cathedral

Almeria Citadel

Malaga Cathedral
Important Andalusian People
There are many important people in Andalusia, they are excellent artists, such as Pablo Picaso as painter, Manuel de Falla as musician, Antonio Machado, Juan Ramón Jimenez... as writers.

Our Symbols are:

The Flag: Green, white and green

                         The Emblem: Hercules between two columns as a symbol of strength


The anthem: Blas Infante wrote the lyrics. It is about Andalusian people wishes and their way of being.

During this week, we are going to investigate more things about Andalusia and make some activities.
Good job!